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The official name of the Academy Awards of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award [1]. Was established in 1927, held once a year in Los Angeles, USA. 80 years has been renowned. It reflects not only the development process and

If A few years ago, he was a secondary school in Chongqing. There is also a girl, and they are self-row seats. About a half semester, she handed him the first piece of paper, he asked her. Soon, they are like on the other side, but did not say on the

今夜月明,余吾独酌.抚子玉梳,独心惆怅.忆初见时,风度翩,气宇昂,我心所倾.执子之手同经风雨,磕绊逝过皆枉然.岂料情变漠然相对,誓言犹在人入他怀.思忘却旧时恩情,却如影随行.爱你依旧,子不旧时. (虽然已经过期,可能已经没用,还是想试试玩,呵呵,评价评价,见笑了)

Slowly, I quit your world.You have oneself of life, I know. Don't know you are happy? The habit of space, you know, have always said life of pain. Long time no connect, want to beat you, perhaps you don't want to break the existing, you cheat me too much, nor conceal too well, never call my feelings in.Slowly the exit

Jim was seen last night nearly three hours of television. Mainly to see the two content. A: a week of sports news. Programs include basketball, volleyball, football and other sports programs. But this week's show to say early male blue China men's

Commonplace, curtain ran back, that person is in the late gate office lights

With the development of economy, the business activity has penetrated into all aspects of people's lives. As an important part of business English, the fuzzy language, has its own unique style and great power. Fuzzy language in communication,

直译很麻烦..我大概说一下 前面两条大概就是说我们是很正规很合法的 有任何故意无意的损坏都怪你们公司 第三条是要将第三组?第三党派?第三方?(party这个词有多解.你感受一下)的实验报告交给RoHS 注意不需要证明文件 4,含有溴和氯的物质中 只需检验有人工涂层的金属与瓷质品 第五就说不接受x射线进行检查的结果 最后说你们交过来的实验报告必须符合什么国际规定..概括了还有这么多= =你慢慢看吧

希望能帮到你;Network has a unique mass of educational resources, Web-based English education can be carried out to maximize the use of network resources, to attract students interested in English learning, which is an advantage, but the lack

Outstanding ability to work in the Department of Shipping has played a good role model to take the lead, is a cadre of outstanding!

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